Comparing The Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is done by forcing hot water based cleaning solutions into the carpet at high pressure and then sucking the water along with dirt back into the machine. Steam cleaning is generally done in one of two ways. One is through portable extraction, and the other is through truck mounted extraction. Portable is usually a do-it-yourself type of carpet cleaning which uses the electricity from the house as well as hot water from the tap. Most carpet cleaning professionals who use the hot water extraction method are instead going to use the truck mounted extraction. The cleaning machine is mounted to a truck or van, water can be heated to a higher temperature, and the water is shot at a higher velocity than with the portable machines.

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Although there are other methods for dry cleaning a carpet, Dry Chemicals (specifically Chem-Dry) is the most used dry method for carpet cleaning professionals. With this method, a cleaning solution is applied to the carpet and the solution along with the dirt is transferred from the carpet to the machine without the use of large amounts of water.

Carpet cleaning companies that use the hot water extraction method argue that the dry cleaning method does not properly clean your carpet. Since the carpet does not get rinse, those who use the hot water extraction method claim that the carpet is only cleaned halfway. Many carpet cleaning companies that use the hot water extraction method will also boast that their method will get your carpet just as good, if not better, than it was when it was new. They will also claim that the bacterial and other harmful materials in the carpet can only be destroyed through the use of hot water.

Of course, carpet cleaning companies that use the dry cleaning method will also claim that their method is the best and only way to properly clean your carpets. Since carpets are not soaked in water, the drying time is much faster. They will also argue that their low pressure methods will not cause damage to the carpets. Many dry cleaning methods also use natural or organic solutions instead of chemicals that some might think are harmful.

With so many options for carpet cleaning in, picking the right method can be difficult. Before deciding which method is the best for your carpets, it is a good idea to see what the manufacturer of your carpet says about the issue. Some carpets should only be cleaned using a certain method. Some methods although not necessary for a certain type of carpet, work better for that type of carpet. Ultimately, though, it is your own decision about which method you want to use on your carpet.

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